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Snowfall Ch. 3 :iconisis1975:Isis1975 0 0
Hot Chocolate and Peppermint Pt.III
Chapter Three: This Savage Song
“So what do you think, Justice?” Klavier said after he finished singing to Apollo through their video chat. “Did you like the song?”
“Well, Mr. Gavin,” Nahyuta had been listening at the door to Apollo's office and decided to make his presence known. “You have a wonderful live singing voice.”
Apollo started in his seat as he turned and glowered at the prosecutor.  
“Nahyuta!” Apollo and Klavier cried at the same time. The braided prosecutor grinned as he entered the office and stood beside the red attorney.  
“What are you doing here?” Apollo asked.
“Do forgive me for eves-dropping. Hello Mr. Gavin.” Nahyuta waved as he bent to look in the camera.  Klavier grinned and waved back.
“ 'Allo Prosecutor Sahdmadhi,” Klavier waved back.  “Thank you for the compliment and I suppose I can forgive you this time.” He winked as he bru
:iconisis1975:Isis1975 1 1
Snowfall Ch. 2
Chapter Two: Coffee and Bad Hair Days
Ema knocked a second time on Simon's door, louder and more distinct, and listened for any movement.  When she heard none, she placed her hand on the door and hesitated; what if he slept naked?  She knew they were all adults and should be able to handle the human body, but Ema liked keeping her parts and parts of others a mystery.  She finally turned the knob and peeked her head in and called Simon's name.   He still didn't stir.
“Cripes, now I know what they mean by dead asleep.”  She whispered to herself as she tip-toed through the dark room to Simon sleeping on the bed. She called his name one more time.  When he didn't move, she steeled herself and placed her hand on his shoulder and shook him gently while calling his name.  
What happened next happened so fast, Ema couldn't remember being grabbed, or how she ducked Simon's swing, or how he leaped out of bed so fast.  She thanked the ma
:iconisis1975:Isis1975 0 0
       Chapter 1: Preamble and Embarrassment
Living in Los Angeles, Simon didn't have the opportunity to see snow.  He'd seen it on the telly and he'd overheard Klavier talking about snowboarding and skiing in the mountains.   But he had never seen or touched snow.
Until two weeks after landing in Khur'ain, he found himself making snow angels with the one person he hated, but could never quite get out of his head – Prosecutor Nahyuta Sahdmadhi.
When Chief Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth asked Simon to fly over to Khur'ain to help Prosecutor Sahdmadhi with some extra paperwork in January, Simon hadn't even thought of what the weather conditions would be like.  His only thought was of that damned purple braid and those beautiful jade eyes.  Simon initially said no, stating that he already had a heavy workload and he didn't want to short staff Miles.  Miles insisted, countering with the fact that Simon hadn't taken a vacation in two yea
:iconisis1975:Isis1975 0 0
Hot Chocolate and Peppermint Pt. II
“Thank you Mr. Edgeworth,” Apollo said as he typed the information the prosecutor had just given him. He had Miles on speaker phone as he sat at his desk in the Justice Law Offices.
“You're welcome. And please, call me Miles.”
“  I'm not used to being so informal in a work situation.”
Apollo heard Miles chuckle softly and felt his cheeks turning red. He sighed as he finished entering the information he needed, saved his document, and minimized it.  He gave a small smile at his desktop picture – him and Trucy, Athena, Ema and Klavier with his arm draped casually over Apollos shoulder, everyone smiling and laughing.
Apollo sighed again, resting his head in his hands.
The attorney gave a start sending paperwork falling to the floor.  He cursed under his breath, forgetting Miles was on the line.
“Mr. Justice, is everything okay over there?”
“Yeah, yes.  I'm fine, everything
:iconisis1975:Isis1975 5 2
Hot Chocolate and Peppermint
Apollo pulled back the curtain to peek outside the Agency at the big, fluffy flakes of snow falling.  It covered everything in a soft blanket of white and made the city glow.  The city rarely received snow, so it was a treat. The attorney wasn't fond of winter, but it did hold his favorite holidays, so he never complained too much.  
He wrapped his hands around his cup of hot chocolate and watched  a few of the patrons and employees of the hotel across the way engage in a snowball fight, while others were building a snowman.
Apollo took a sip of the chocolate now that it was cool enough to drink and hummed his approval. He had been skeptical about the drink; it was thicker than what he was used to.  The sender – who still goes unknown – assured him that it was how they served it in Europe and it's especially good with a stick of peppermint, which the sender so graciously included.
Apollo actually did have an idea of who sent him the hot chocolate...
:iconisis1975:Isis1975 4 1
The Word echoed through Alec's mind like a drumbeat. He desperately pushed the noise in his head down as he slashed at the Demon in front of him.  Alec turned on the ball of his left foot and slashed the Demon behind him and found he had backed himself to the edge of the plain; something he rarely did. Shaking his head, he turned to run back into battle but his feet wouldn't budge.
The Voice knocked the breath out of his lungs; they burned as he tried to draw in air.  Placing his hand in his chest, he counted backwards from ten to stave off whatever was consuming him. He finally took a deep breath and winced at the stabbing pain developing in his head.
The Whisper came out of the woods on a breeze and Alec turned.  The woods, heavy with shadows and secrets, called to him as his feet took on a life of their own and he walked into the dark forest. The air was heady with the pine sap and the dampened shrub
:iconisis1975:Isis1975 1 0
     Chapter Two: The Dance
       A/N: See comments below
The London evening had been unusually hot for that time of year and it only exacerbated Sherlock's exhaustion and lousy mood.  He was exhausted from spending so much time on a case that, in the end was so simple, a child could have solved it.  His lousy mood came from involving himself in a case that was that simple. His exhaustion was palpable as he stripped down on the way to his bedroom, not caring that he left a trail of his garments down the hall. It didn't matter now that John wasn't living with him.  He wasn't even in the same country; he was on his honeymoon in Aruba.   He opened his window, lamented at the lack of breeze and flopped down on his bed.
John's grip on his wrist startled him awake for the third time that week.  He woke with a gasp as he looked around, taking inventory that he was actually in his bedroom and not on the hard sidewalk in
:iconisis1975:Isis1975 0 0
Mature content
The Sound of Silence: Chapter Three :iconisis1975:Isis1975 0 0
Mature content
The Sound of Silence Chapter Two :iconisis1975:Isis1975 0 0
Mature content
The Sound of Silence :iconisis1975:Isis1975 2 0
Phoenix sighed as he got into Miles' car, plastic soda cup in hand and a bag of cinnamon bears in the other.  Oranges and reds and pinks from the sunset filled the sky, reflecting off the window of Miles' flashy red Corvette.  
This was the sixth road trip they had taken since Miles' return from Germany, and as much as Phoenix enjoyed a good road trip with a good friend, he had the feeling that Miles was holding back something.
“You can't have that in here,” Miles said as he gestured to the drink in the others hand.  “You know the rules.”
“Miles, I'm thirsty and I am not five,” Phoenix threw him an indignant look, his voice brittle. “I can control my drinking skills.  Have I spilled anything yet?”
“That's because everything I've let you have has been in a bottle, not some cheap plastic cup.”
“Miles, just... drive,” Phoenix let out a loud sigh and sat back. Out of the corner o
:iconisis1975:Isis1975 2 0
Mature content
Voyeur :iconisis1975:Isis1975 3 0
Mature content
City of Angels Ch 3 :iconisis1975:Isis1975 0 0
Mature content
City of Angels Ch 2 :iconisis1975:Isis1975 0 0
Mature content
City of Angels :iconisis1975:Isis1975 0 0

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Benedict Cumberbatch by MeikeZane Benedict Cumberbatch :iconmeikezane:MeikeZane 445 177 today we play it my way! by kyunyo today we play it my way! :iconkyunyo:kyunyo 144 14 A Painting of Dr Watson by jht888 A Painting of Dr Watson :iconjht888:jht888 333 116 John Harrison by ladunya John Harrison :iconladunya:ladunya 320 66 Stars by Arkarti Stars :iconarkarti:Arkarti 945 106 Deep End by Arkarti Deep End :iconarkarti:Arkarti 446 72 ST: Simple Feeling by CanneDeBonbon ST: Simple Feeling :iconcannedebonbon:CanneDeBonbon 514 28 Tony Stark aka IRON MAN aka Robert Downey Jr. by Mim78 Tony Stark aka IRON MAN aka Robert Downey Jr. :iconmim78:Mim78 176 34 Sherlock BBC FanArt: A note by NinaKask Sherlock BBC FanArt: A note :iconninakask:NinaKask 589 77 Untitled by FloLu Untitled :iconflolu:FloLu 115 19 Drowned by Vyles Drowned :iconvyles:Vyles 132 16 Sherlock: The Only One In the World by MirroredSilhouettes Sherlock: The Only One In the World :iconmirroredsilhouettes:MirroredSilhouettes 16 9 On the side of demons by Mad42Sam On the side of demons :iconmad42sam:Mad42Sam 451 21 On the side of angels by Mad42Sam On the side of angels :iconmad42sam:Mad42Sam 743 63 Tell him you're alive by beth193 Tell him you're alive :iconbeth193:beth193 637 46
My obsession with all things Ace Attorney, Sherlock Holmes, Star Trek, WTNV, Doctor Who, and Supernatural, will be the death of me someday!
Today I am deeply saddened by the passing of Leonard Nimoy.  He was such a great actor and human being. I was heartbroken late last year by the passing of Robin Williams as well.  It's hard to imagine no more cameos, no more of his beautiful words. 


Edit: That evening, I was chatting with someone about this wonderful man and they said something that really put my mind at ease: 'He was a great actor, and such a genuine and wonderful man.  He really lived a long and prosperous life and I think he would be humbly proud.' 

I got to thinking about this and it makes so much sense; he was 85 and even though he was struck down by a horrible disease, before then, he didn't let it stop him.  He was a brilliant and wonderful man and I wish we had more people like him in the world. 
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